About Tab Accuracy

Look, I’m going for accuracy when it comes to tabs.  Right down to the drums, I try to make sure each note or beat is perfectly placed.  Let’s compare:

to my tab:

That is what you should expect when you download a tab I transcribed. I don’t promise a 100% perfect tab every time, because sometimes it’s difficult to make out instrument timbres or individual guitar tones over the rest of the song, but I try my hardest. I take some sort of stupid pride in this effort.

A good tab is a work of art to admire, a lesson to study, and a glance into the mind of the composer/arranger. That is my guiding principal when tabbing.

Of course, if you have corrections, and actually feel like notifying me that “[my] shitty tab is fucking wrong” or “There is a tab (not a perfect one I must say),” for example, please do so. I’m not so conceited to think my tabs are perfect, even if that’s what I shoot for.

2 Responses to About Tab Accuracy

  1. ZOMiG says:

    THANKS A MILLION for the precise and detailed tabs you shared here. Have to tell you I am SO excited to see many yuppe’s tabs around which ive been searching for a long time. Please keep up the good work and hope you upload more yuppe’s tab! cheers.

    • Veto says:

      Sometimes I worry because the only things I want to play are yuyoyuppe, Shinigiwa Satellite, and old Foreground Eclipse…

      Thanks for your support.

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