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Please don’t email me unless you have important business; I check twitter early and often, so it’s probably best you contact me there if you have a question.  Comments on a specific post would also be a valid way to reach me.


Hello.  I’m Veto.  I’m a student, but I like writing music for fun.  I also enjoy picking apart other people’s songs; it’s a look into another’s writing process and helps train your ears; which is basically why I started this blog.  I was never a band geek nor was I taught any music theory and I had only 10 weeks of music theory, once.  I am a drummer out of habit, but I enjoy sloppily playing the guitar and singing more.

My knowledge of the Japanese language is limited, at best.  Even after two and a half years, I’d barely rate myself at an elementary level.  Self-study continues.

With that said, should you encounter any errors in tablature, translation, or transcription, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll look into getting it fixed if corrections need to be made.


All requests for content removal will be begrudgingly honored should the rights holders appear.  While I personally don’t see the harm in posting guitar tabs for songs, I can see how some people might take offense to it.  Personally, I think a cover is the sincerest form of flattery, but I’m sure there are some pretty bad covers out there…

Using the Tabs:

Tabs are meant to be shared; I built a stockpile of tabs for over a year before creating this site because I was too lazy to make this site, all with the goal in mind to share these tabs.  I do not put my name in or on the tabs, but the way they are styled is easy to call out, and a lot of the songs I tab have *ahem* never been done before.  I’ll always have the timestamp, baby, so feel free to say you wrote it if you’re so cold-hearted.  But a shout out to this site would be nice if you end up covering a song and putting up a youtube video or whatever; I’d love to see your video.

… but if I’ve found you’ve made a horrible “8bit version” of a song using my tab… I don’t even want to think about it.

Why TuxGuitar?

Why don’t I use Guitar Pro? I used Guitar Pro for a year before I settled on TuxGuitar; while both interfaces are pretty unintuitive for writing music, TuxGuitar has a lot more on-screen shortcuts, which makes it easier to use and thus the lesser of two evils. In addition, TuxGuitar is free, unlike Guitar Pro, which I had pirated to use (years ago; I’ve long since wiped it). As such, all of the tabs I write are in TuxGuitar’s native format, “.tg”. Feel free to convert them to a Guitar Pro file if you want, I guess, but don’t expect me to do it for you.


God forbid you need me to tab out a song for you.  I’m just an amateur, after all.  If you want me to tab out a song for you, shoot me an email with the song name and a youtube link.  I reserve the right to decline a request because:

1) I don’t like the song
2) I don’t think I’d be able to tab it well
3) I’m not being payed


I will trade tabs for music I can’t find, at the rate of 1 tab for a release.  You won’t be able to find this stuff with a simple Google search.  I reserve the right to refuse your request if the rip quality is bad.

I’m currently looking for:

Shinigiwa Satellite (死際サテライト) x 9bFOX – MORSE EP
Shinigiwa Satellite (死際サテライト) – 純潔ロンリネス

I think that’s everything. Thanks for stopping by.

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