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hey so this blog or whatever has been on hiatus since the beginning of october

I started this blog because I figured I might as well share the tabs I had been attempting to transcribe for the previous 2 (!) years (I started tabbing in 2010). I started tabbing because I wanted to learn how to play songs that I figured no one else would bother to tab out and I wanted to play the songs I liked with my friends (even though we never did). At the same time I was starting to write my own music, too, so it was a good learning experience: taking apart other people’s songs, learning melodies, structures, and patterns… By 2012 I had amassed some 30~ tabs and I figured I could post them and maybe someone else on the internet might be able to use them or whatever. And then obviously I transcribed more over the years, but anyway.

I never kept track of page views, never made any money from this blog, and never wanted to. That was on principle, but I digress. It was something I did for fun but I don’t want to it anymore. So now, if I’m going to use my precious time on something that won’t make any money, it should be used for something I actually enjoy rather than this blog

my music, for example

I literally cannot afford to waste time on something that isn’t fun for me *and* doesn’t make any money. That’s basically what it boils down to.

I will continue to post to this blog as my mood and schedule allows

commenting has now been disabled forever

PS: some of the tabs are and have been wrong and I will never fix them.
use your head and figure it out yourself, you’re the one playing the song
don’t tell me that something I transcribed in 2011 is incorrect

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死際サテライト – 漆黒スターダスト

Shinigiwa Satellite – Shikkoku Stardust

This song may as well be in standard but I tabbed it out in Drop D anyway.

I highly doubt there is anyone who even wants to be able to play this song.

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※liquid lilly’s liar – nowhere [LYRICS]

too good

ごっち is the lyricist for ※liquid lilly’s liar.

Song: nowhere
Artist: 雪花菜 ft. テヅカ
———> okara ft. tezuka
Circle: ※liquid lilly’s liar
Release: nowhere
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死際サテライト – 偏愛サディスティック [LYRICS]

Idk I don’t feel like any song for any comp Seitarou has participated in will ever match up to Magical Chen

Song: 偏愛サディスティック
———> henai sadisutikku
———> Sadistic Favoritism
Artist: 衛☆星太郎 ft. めらみぽっぷ
Circle: 死際サテライト
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雫シークレットマインド – Unicorn in the blue [LYRICS]

Still so mad they were out of Coriente goods when we went to the SB69 Cafe
Don’t bring up how neither myself nor denshuto got the Summer Secret Mind Limited URs either

Song: Unicorn in the blue
Artist: 雫シークレットマインド
———> Shizuku Secret Mind
Release: Unicorn in the blue – Single
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プラズマジカ – My pace!! [LYRICS]

This is the best Plasmagica song

Song: My pace!!
Artist: プラズマジカ
———> Plasmagica
Release: My pace!! – Single
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Find Your Way @ C88

My Touhou arrange band “Find Your Way” will be participating in Comic Market 88.
Please visit us on Day 1, at KxFxCx‘s space: セ-09b!

Find Your Way – FADE / TIME (new) (includes stickers, DL code)
Find Your Way – SECRET LYRICS EP (new) (free download, event-only)

the distant journey to you – morningview+ (new) (includes stickers, DL code)
fumo x denshuto – TOHO DUALITY (new)

Find Your Way – DANMAKU ZONE T-shirt

+ free stickers, guitar picks

Afterwards, Find Your Way will be performing a live at Antiknock, as part of Yawaraka Hardcore Festival.
Support: siggy, denshuto

Thank you for your support thus far!

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weave – clear and serene [LYRICS]

Just another quick post with the lyrics for weave’s split album with fog.
For fans of bluebeard, mineral, Jimmy Eat World?????

fog’s songs will each be their own posts, because transcribing the lyrics from the book, then translating them takes a lot out of me, because I am actually not a good translator. Notably, weave’s lyrics are in English, but the Japanese “translations” in the book are kind of weird? So it’s hard to tell what’s what, especially for their song “freesia.”

As a note, the phrase “favorite number” (in the song “slow down still more”) means “favorite music.” This was something I didn’t know, but it’s in the translated lyrics and I’ve seen the phrase multiple times in Japanese media already since learning it (for example, SB69…).

You can support the band at their label Further Platonics or their own website.
There is a bandcamp, but no songs are available for streaming.
And digital downloading only is not available.

The easiest way to purchase weave’s music is through Strange Tales Records distro.
Check him out, he’s a cool guy.

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bluebeard – room 501

bluebeard – room 501


I like how all the related youtube videos are all scene/mall emo videos

bluebeard tumblr
bluebeard twitter

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ワニ ft. IZNA – 童歌 [LYRICS]

A lot more effort had to go into this than I originally thought would have to go into it.

Song: 童歌
———> warabe uta
———> Children’s Song
Artist: ワニ ft. IZNA
———> Wani ft. IZNA
Circle: サリー
———> Sally
Release: Sally
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