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Girl Scouts – Discography [LYRICS]

I’ve never done something like this before so I don’t know how to categorize it, or label it. Hopefully I’ll figure it out along the way, because this was fun and I’ll probably do it again. This counts as a … Continue reading

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【東方】Foreground Eclipse

Foreground Eclipse was a self-proclaimed “emo/screamo” Touhou arrangement band that eventually would go on to become a “post-hardcore/metalcore” band. At the time of the band’s formation, no other circles were doing this blend of punk and screamo, and the production … Continue reading

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Shinigiwa Satellite About Sections

Kinda just wanted to translate something. 【死際サテライト (読み:しにぎわさてらいと)】 東方projectサウンドに魅了された「衛☆星太郎」により2009年7月設立。 衛の発案により、サークル名を「死際サテライト」と命名。 現在、東方アレンジ曲の発表を目的とする同人音楽サークルの体を成した ダミーサークルとして活動中。 アレンジ・ディレクション・CD制作・納品を衛が担当、 吉沢はWEB・オマケトラック作成・売り子を務める。 Shinigiwa Satellite Fascinated with the Touhou Project’s sound, “Ei Seitarou” established the circle in July, 2009. At his suggestion, the circle was christened “Shinigiwa Satellite.” Currently, its … Continue reading

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Lately, I’ve been trying to pin down my opinions on bands and such. Hopefully, posts like these will be helpful to people who are trying to get into certain groups, but don’t know how. Of course, since these are opinion … Continue reading

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