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Register6 – 名もなき鳥 [LYRICS]

Song: 名もなき鳥 ———> na mo naki tori ———> Nameless Bird Artist: ロー ft. mIsAkI w/ okahira (lyrics), yuta (guitar), しおたん (bass) Circle: Register6 Release: 運命ノ螺旋 ———> sadame no rasen ———> Spiral of Destiny

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malegoat – Split w/ Duck. Little Brother, Duck! [LYRICS]

Titled as such because DLBD’s side is instrumental. I LOVE MALEGOAT New malegoat album on the way. This will be one of Duck. Little Brother, Duck!’s final releases. Stream/Download or purchase the 7″ from Topshelf. Alternatively, support stiff slack records … Continue reading

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Del Paxton / Gulfer – Split [LYRICS]

Was looking for a while but the lyrics are only in the booklet. Super sick math rock split. Gulfer has a new album coming out this month and Del Paxton has one on the way. Stream/Download this split and buy … Continue reading

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死際サテライト – DEAD SILENCE

Some of the songs on this album were the very first tabs I posted to this website. Of course, that was before those songs were put together on an album, but still. Those were the days when the DARK CASTLE … Continue reading

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死際サテライト – 焦燥ジェノサイド

Shinigiwa Satellite – Shousou Genocide Whelp. Here you go. It’s probably not perfect, but 99% is pretty good. Check out this dude’s bass cover. It’s pretty cool!

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