:( – Bring the Summer

:( – Bring the Summer

Hah, when I first listened to Kawaii, I thought the CD had a skip at the transition, haha.

I tweeted at Mart once to ask about the lyrics; he said you could probably find them online… not this song. I transcribed what I could hear:

EDIT: Mart posted the lyrics on the :( page:

our world turns it tilts
and once every year or so we get lit
y’know i see you more every year now baby
so let me hear you say

bring the summer
bring the sunlight
bring the summer
bring the summer burn

the sun is beating down
there’s no way for us to stop this now
start our engines, yeah we’re smoking
y’know it’s looking bright


i know, i’m looking forward to
sinking and burning
will i miss this when it’s gone?
bring the summer

we’re switching off our lights
as if it’s going to stop this all
you can sit there and you’ll do nothing
and we’ll await the burn


Download the album for free (or “pay what you want”) here.

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