Danimal Cannon – Danimal Across America

Danimal Cannon – Danimal Across America

All instruments tabbed in C standard. Danimal himself plays in Drop D, but I didn’t add any of his live instrumentation or tab the IRL version. But since this is chiptune, there isn’t really a proper “tuning” for this song.

… I started this tab before he released his album, Roots, but when he did release it he included the SAV files for the album… so basically my work was for nothing, haha… I was basically spot on all the parts I had started. All that was left was the dueling solos at the end (arguably the hardest part) but still…

I’m interested in also doing Polywrath, Jean Luc, and the live version of The Big Crunch, along with the live instrumentation for this track (and possibly the IRL version).

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