malegoat – Split w/ Duck. Little Brother, Duck! [LYRICS]

Titled as such because DLBD’s side is instrumental.
New malegoat album on the way. This will be one of Duck. Little Brother, Duck!’s final releases.
Stream/Download or purchase the 7″ from Topshelf.
Alternatively, support stiff slack records in Japan. Their 7″ red variant looks great!

malegoat – The Lost Wreck

You’re walking while rubbing heel of shoes like a nameless wreck.
The ground stare your pale face, you know it’s never ending dreams.
You can stop the bells and burn out like a cigarette end on your bed.
It’s choices are innumerable.

You’re still walking while confusing about this fact.
The cold wind soar in night sky.
The street light is shaking faintly and reflected on the ground.
The sky brighten you shut your eyes.

The moonlight looks in your face through shadows.
You can’t self-resolution anymore.

When you awake on the bed, the world isn’t change times just passes.
You’re feeling dull pain in your head again.
When you get clear reason at last, you should be honest.
You stare old notes overlapped on your bed.

You lose a word again and fly a paper plane far away.

malegoat – Blinding Song

The soft warm wind blows through my memories in those days.
I had shut a book without words.
Even the birds also blessed your presence.

The storms passed I got huge delight.
Stranger are talking about the blinding light,
You look strange scene in my eyes.
I was listening to my heart resonance.

The sunlight through trees slips through gap of my fingers, it make shadows.
So I’m still looking for faint light in the puddle.
When this blinding light will grow up till the end,
I’m show the way faintly by pale star lights.

I don’t want to deny this feeling and the worst fate, even if I’m living in daydream.
When I touch your warm cheek, take my step again. So, go forward on my way.
I don’t want to deny this feeling and the worst fate, even if I’m living in daydream.
There’s a many peace warmth, it makes conceal me.

I cross the night of sorrow with the Blinding Song.

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