「Story of Hope」- 「SoH」[LYRICS]

I’m certainly feeling the emotional waves good. I went a little liberal.

Song: 「SoH」
Artist: 「Story of Hope」
Release: Fairy Dance
Key: Original Lyrics; Romaji; Translation

NOTES: 脳内を書き出して = lit. “Extracting the intracranial”

選んで 放って
選んで 唄って

nounai wo kikidashite sagashite
erande hotte
nounai wo kakemegutte tadotte
erande utatte

I’m sifting through my memories; I’m searching
Choose and release them
My head is spinning; I’m following behind
Choose and recite the words


tada imi no nai moji no raretsu wo tsuzutta
kokoro no umi kara hitori arukidasu

From this enumeration of meaningless characters, these words took shape
From the sea of my heart, I’ll walk alone


kokoro ga hibiite tsunaideku
mada atena ha nai kedo

Our hearts resound and become connected
But I still don’t know your name

I have a future that can not afford to miss
Come on, please select

Now team is 「Story of Hope」、
Feel the emotional waves good!!

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