Why I Tab Songs

Look at this.  LISTEN TO THIS.

… alright, finished?  Fun, simple song, right?

Wrong. Intro is in 3/4, switches to 4/4, verse is only 7 measures of 4/4 before it goes to the prechorus (“donna tsurakutemo…”).  There’s probably more changes later.  Jesus christ.

And I never would’ve figured it out if I didn’t start tabbing this.  There is so much to learn, and I know so little about composition. Christ.

EDIT: A little more analysis before I put this unfinished tab I started away: Obviously there are 7 measures of 4/4 because the verses are both in 7/4. It becomes even more obvious when you focus on the drum chart rather than the vocal tab (which is all I had to go with when I originally posted this). Beyond the 3/4 intro and 7/4 verses, this song is in 4/4, about 140 BPM in C Major. The finale chorus is a full step up (there’s obviously a key change there, but I thought it was only a half-step at first), so it’s in D for the end.

… the beats in this song are pretty great.

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