Foreground Eclipse – Forget Me Not

Foreground Eclipse – Forget Me Not

This song was difficult, too. Worth it. Suzuori really knew how to write and arrange.

1 more to go! 1 more to go! I’mma try to finish it before 2014 but we’ll see.

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6 Responses to Foreground Eclipse – Forget Me Not

  1. wasdiop says:

    Hey Veto,

    Big fan of your blog, especially your transcriptions!

    Can I make a request after you’re done with this album?

    • Veto says:

      I appreciate the comment! Thanks for reading!
      You can make a suggestion/request but whether or not I will do it is another question. Nowadays I just sort of “do what I feel like” even more so than a few months ago.
      So yes, you can request something, but in all likelihood I probably won’t do it! But who knows?!

  2. wasdiop says:

    I’d really like to see the Story of Hope album by yuyoyuppe transcribed. But of course it’s unreasonable to ask you to transcribe the whole album, so I’m particularly interested in Story of Hope, For a Dead Girl+ and ALONE.

    I understand what you mean though, so if you can’t find time to do it that’s okay!

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