bluebeard – 「 」

bluebeard – 「 」

I’m still the best. Let’s celebrate bluebeard’s reunion!!! BRUTAL BEARD

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No, there won’t be any new music, it’s just a fun thing for some guys who wrote some songs 15~ years ago.
You know, sort of like how American Football, Braid, Mineral, Jazz June, Boys Life, probably even more that I don’t even know got back together to do some shows. Well, I guess some of those bands are writing new music (Braid, Jazz June).
Now *that’s* emo revival.

Of course. I’d love to be proven wrong. But.

Make sure to keep up with RENA, Yoshikazu Takahashi’s new band!

And while you’re here, check my new Touhou EPs. I covered some of your favorite bands!

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