weave – The Sound [LYRICS]

Just another quick post with the lyrics for weave’s first album.
For fans of bluebeard, mineral, “slowcore???”
Slow, huge-sounding 90’s emo.

You can support the band at their label Further Platonics or their own website.
There is a bandcamp, but not all songs are available for listening.
And digital downloading only is not available.

The easiest way to purchase weave’s music is through Strange Tales Records distro.
Check him out, he’s a cool guy.


1. fount from the fountain


2. need for solitude

I can feel your pain.
It is like a sense of defeat.
We suffer all the time.
So I swear, I will not turn you down.

Just like you,
I am afraid to be alone.
I am still the same.
Tears fell down.

When you thought of this phrase,
I am calling you down.
I refuse to lose.


3. fold

Fall turned the leaves.
My heart feels as if it was bursting.
I have to be cruel to be kind of you.
Do not mistake me.

Who could take your place?
Asking a silly question gets a silly answer.
Depending on your weakness.
It is my bad behavior.

I take a deep breathe and let it out.
Doing so makes me feel more like things are me.

I feel low and lonely. As if I care.
Nothing can be done by just waiting.

I keep my eyes to the front.
I will notice the meaning when I reach there.


4. there is a light at the end of the tunnel

I am keep clicking my tongue.
I have a slight headache.
What brought me here?
A palpable lie, you told.
I pretended not to know the answer.

You forgave me for breaking my promise.
I will not forget to cry with the pain.

Say, I feel much like crying.
Trying days, I spend.
Say, I feel much like crying.
I want to fall along side you.

I go on through the night.
And I bay the moon.
Why are you so quiet?
I am keep clicking my tongue.


5. introduction


6. let me alone

Let me alone. I cried out.
Do not look at me like that.
I can tell you.
I would like to get away from here.

There are faults somewhere in my life.
But I do not even know myself.
I can not keep telling a lie. I got sick of it.
There was a slight change in the morning sunlight.

I did not mean to keep it from you. I am sorry.
I cover my ears with my hands. I bate my breath.


7. walk a bit slowly

I have a sense of failure.
That is what life is all about.
Am I afraid of losing everything?
I whistle in the grave yard.

We feel overwhelmed by these options.
And we blame the time for it.
I think that many people have justification by faith.

I want to feel good about my answer that is the choice I have made.
I want to be accepted for who I am.

Like a flowers take water from the ground.
We take our life for granted. As it happens.
I am here now. There is only one thing to do.


8. appearance to confront

I thought that I was standing straight.
But my back born is bend now.

Something break at once do not go back now.

Reset me before I lost. Reset me when I met you at first this place.
The world that I miss you. I have to live.


9. today a man, tomorrow none

The sound of the rain woke me up. I know what I am here for.
I deal with changes. I accept them as my fate.
Keep on walking silently until it gets dark.

I am ready for death. I want to live keeping this in mind.

No more regrets.

Nothing is with me. I have to face the fear.
I will trust you from my heart.
Bye. See you then.


10. into the everyday life

I got dozed off on the train.
Remembered the time I met you.
We spent a lot of time together.

There the story might have ended.
But we have endless hope that still something never change.

You are there. And I am here. Get it?
You trust me. Take my word.
It is easy to let your hands go.
That will be pointless though.

The days I shared with you. I will never forget.
The days I shared with you. There are never fadeless.
I continue to try without quitting.


11. take a feel

I seemed to be lost.
I had a bad night.
I felt to be cut off.

So I put all my time into making music.
I am sick of it all everything else.

I prayed that this song got through you.
I felt myself foolish. But now, I am playing in front of you.

Say it with me. This is the time I have been waiting for.
I can see your funny face. Here is what we want.

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