さくらゆっけ – Scarlet Sand Beach Self Liner Notes

Noeさん has released notes for more of his EPs and I’m just now getting around to it.
Well, I’m the only one who listens to Sakurayukke… lol
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セルフライナーノーツ スカーレット・サンド・ビーチEP編
Self Liner Notes – Scarlet Sand Beach EP


I want to fix all of these songs.
The jacket, featuring Remilia posing with a Mosrite guitar… isn’t it nice???
Because this was the first CD, I feel like Sukurayukke’s future [art] direction was based off of this release.
Koto-san’s painting skills….!


サビの「Diamond Head」のメロディのオマージュを筆頭に色々な曲の要素が詰まっています。
「Brand New Cadillac」のイントロ、「Pipeline」の単音リズムギターとオブリガード。


1. Scarlet Sand Beach (Septette for the Dead Princess)

The title is taken from Kayama Yuuzou‘s “Black Sand Beach.”
Before I had named this I didn’t have a plan so I just checked the character popularity polls.
The hook’s melody is a homage to “Diamond Head” but I packed a lot of other parts into this one, as well.
Brand New Cadillac‘s” intro, and “Pipeline‘s” driving single rhythm obbligato.
In the song there’s also “Black Sand Beach‘s” drum solo and the bridge’s A section arpeggio, sorry.
There are 3 guitars, organ, bass, and drum parts to match the members within Scarlet Devil Mansion.
It’s fine to not demonstrate this; let’s respect the original work.

“Gensoukyou doesn’t have a beach so why is it in the title?” was a question I kept asking myself but wasn’t able to answer until after the release of Hakurei the Danmaku Surfer:
Surfin’ through the danmaku barrage.



2. Night Sky’s Love (Tomboyish Girl in Love)

This song is also based on Kayama Yuuzou, this time his “Starry Night Sky.”
I took the feeling of the original song’s vocal melody but because I don’t do vocals that melody is programmed.
At the time, I was thinking “let’s make a vocal version,” but naturally I can’t sing.
Cirno (actor: Kayama Yuuzou) and Daiyousei’s (actor: Hoshi Yuriko) love affair would make for… a pretty weird Gensoukyou, huh…
Cirno would say, like, “Bliss; when we’re together is when I’m most happy.”


The Tornadosの「Telstar」が元ネタ。
The Venturesが演奏したバージョンの導入SE(ジェット機が通過する音)がブレイジングスターや箒で突っ込んでくるイメージ。

3. Love-Colored Telstar (Love-Colored Master Spark)

The Tornados’ “Telstar” is the source.
This is the first Touhou arrange I ever did.
The name of the song “Telstar” came to be because of the “Telstar Satellites” that had been launched and finished their duties half a century before; like “we’ve been forgotten, left behind” man-made satellites.
Man-made satellite → “Orreries Sun“; this kind of simple thought process.
The Ventures also performed this song: their version, including special effects (such as a the sound of a jet passing through), as well as BLAZING STAR and flying around crazy on a broom were the images I had in mind making this song.
After the break halfway through, the organ melody is again “Telstar” without changes; it’s dangerously close…



Celestial Wizardry (Magical Astronomy) and Ruins of Torifune (Trojan Green Asteroid) already have a “space” theme within the Sealing Club stories, and the Ephemeral Moon Vignette also exists, so space imagery exists within the Touhou Project, but there’s still nothing throwing back to the time of the Space Race, where people chased towards visions of the future in space… I would like to arrange songs with that nostalgic feeling in the future.

The sound of a loose hi-hat 16th beat is nice, huh…!

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