GET IN THE RING – Graveyard Memory [LYRICS]

So this is the first song I heard from GET IN THE RING (yeah okay so this season was the first time sorry okay) but this release pretty much blew me away because I love short releases (hello Shinigiwa) and both tracks on this one are great. Everything about this arrangement (excusing some awkward consonants that, to me, ruin the flow of the lyrics) sounds great. I want to tab this but there’s quite a bit going on in this song, so that probably won’t happen… I’ll probably buy the CD though, haha.

… incoming mountain of translation notes.

Song: Graveyard Memory
———> GCHM ft. みぃ
———> GCHM ft. Mii
Release: “Activity” Case:01 Graveyard Memory
Key: Original Lyrics; Romaji; Translation

NOTES: 沈む陽の裏側 = This is literally “sinking into sunlight’s other side.” But I don’t think “shadows” would be an appropriate localization.

腕時計には陰り = Literally “a wristwatch that is a cloud on someone’s happiness.”

逢魔 = おうま = “逢魔が時” is apparently defined as “twilight; the time for disasters (similar to ‘the witching hour’ but not midnight).”

暮れ六ツ = “Edo-period term for a time of day, roughly 6 pm”

服い = まつよい = “服” is ふく, or “clothes,” but Mii clearly sings “まつよい,” which is defined as a “night where one waits for someone who is supposed to come.” I’m really not sure what’s up with this booklet; I can’t find a reading for this… Maybe I copied the kanji wrong…

この指止まれ蝶々の群れ = whether this is “tomare” in the sense of the verb 止まる (most likely) or just “a stop sign,” I’m pretty sure this line is essentially “I held out my hand to a swarm of butterflies.”

瞳の奥の想像 = “(eye) pupil’s interior’s imagination…” I localized this to “eyes playing tricks.”

時刻 = Sang as just 時, じこく is a moment in time, rather than time itself.

亥の四ツ = According to the images and some text I quickly skimmed, this is 10PM. Another source claims that 亥四ツ is actually 11:00PM and 亥三ツ is 10:00PM. Still, you should be able to gleam a sense of time for when this part of the song takes place.

人は五月雨 = “Man is early-summer rain?” I tried to interpret this as a metaphor, but if there’s some alternate meaning you know of, please let me know.

比翼の鳥 = a “happily married couple.”

比翼の鳥が飛ぶ = this is a play on the above phrase, I think; “tori ga tobu” is “bird flies,” but “tobu” itself can also mean jump or leap. There is nothing that implies the act of this couple taking “leap of faith,” as I have localized it, so hopefully this and the above note help you form your own meaning.

微睡む = まどもる is “to doze off” but then the line would be “the plants dozed off.” I doubt the imagery of the song calls for flowers to wilt, but…

丑の満ツ = I try to avoid bothering Kafka-fuura (sorry for bugging you), but I wanted to confirm the time on this one for sure. According to this Japanese Yahoo Ask question, this time would refer to when it’s around or becoming 3AM. Kafka-fuura also took some time to look up what it referred to and said “丑 is 1-3 am, centered at 2 according to the chart I have in the back of my dictionary.” To keep the 4 hour intervals consistent, I’ve gone with 2AM.

見れず = I learned some new grammar. Here’s a quick lesson. If you’re too lazy for that, or don’t care, it’s just another way to negate verbs. So, in terms of this song, it’s “dying without being able to see.”

蓮台野夜行 = “Lotus Pedestal Field Travels in the Night ~ Ghostly Field Club (Rendaino Yakou)” is the second volume of ZUN’s Music Collection… considering “Graveyard Memory” is itself an arrange of 5 different (original) tracks from that album, and features the same characters on their jackets, one can only assume this is a reference to that story. According to that wiki page, “The Rendaino in Kyouto was a graveyard…”

I don’t have enough Japanese language experience OR know enough about Touhou to do this justice, it seems, so please forgive me. On that account… h-h-here we go…

小さな夢 ポケットに詰めて
探してた まだ見たことない幻想
このままもう少し 沈む陽の裏側で二人

chiisana yume pokketto ni tsumete
sagashiteta mada mitakoto nai gensou
kono mama mou sukoshi shizumu hi no uragawa de futari
tsuredatte kataru randevuu

The tiny dream I stuffed in my pocket…
I looked for it, but I still haven’t seen it since then
For just a little longer, let’s the two of us sink into the other side of sunlight
When we meet, we’ll go together, laughing and talking

call my name
夜霧に溶けた火照り 熱に浮かれた焦り
偶然に 或いは導かれて

call my name
yogiri ni toketa hoteri netsu ni ukareta aseri
guuzen ni arui ha michibikarete

Call my name…
And the fog dissipates in a hot flash,
The heat impatiently dancing around us
Unexpectedly, or perhaps showing us the way?

時刻は暮れ六ツ 音も無し
外は黄昏 棲む逢魔に
服い 因果の輪はまだ遠目 この指止まれ蝶々の群れ
交わりかけた冥と天 魔術師に化けた猫が鳴く

toki ha kuremutsu oto mo nashi
soto ha tasogare hisomu ouma ni
matsuyoi inga no wa ha mada toome kono yubi tomare chouchou no mure
majiwari kaketa mei to ten majutsushi ni baketa neko ga naku

It’s 6PM; there isn’t a sound
It’s dusk outside, when the twilight hour takes root
I’ll wait this night; the circle of fate is still off in the distance
Held out, this finger becomes a beacon for a gathering swarm of butterflies
I’d become acquaintances with darkness and heaven
When a magician in cat form purrs

子供みたい 次から次へ
訪れる 瞳の奥の想像
途切れては繋がり 二人だけの内緒の合図

kodomo mitai tsugi kara tsugi he
otozureru hitomi no oku no souzou
togirete ha tsunagari futari dake no naisho no aizu
hajimatta towa no fantajii

Just like a child, from one stop to the next
I call out but my eyes are playing tricks on me
Interrupted connection; now, just our two way private signal
Began our eternal fantasy

hold my heart
腕時計には陰り 見上げた星が灯り
まるで誰かの手に 誘われて

hold my heart
udedokei ni ha kageri miageta hoshi ga akari
maru de dareka no te ni izanawarete

Hold my heart…
This wristwatch is a dark reminder,
but the star I looked up to is my light
As if someone’s hand was being held out to me

時刻は亥の四ツ 風も無し
人は五月雨 流れるばかり
初恋気取りのまま ただ逢瀬 帰り路などとうに朧
摩訶に奇なりや合と縁 可憐に比翼の鳥が飛ぶ

toki ha i no yotsu kaze mo nashi
hito ha samidare nagareru bakari
matsukoi kidori no mama tada ouse kaeri michi nada touni oboro
maka ni kinari ya ai to en karen ni hiyoku no tori ga tobu

It’s 10PM; there’s no wind
Mankind comes with May showers, only to be washed away
This first love is simple affection; one of our ordinary secret dates
But the way back became faint a long while ago
There’s a grand strangeness in this meeting, this bond
We’re taking a leap of fate

通り過ぎてく 胸の鼓動 浅い呼吸
時計の針 止まって すべて

toorisugiteku mune no kodou asai kokyuu
soshite youyaku kusaki mo madoromu koro
tokei no shin tomatte subete

Now we pass through the gate; my chest is beating, my breath shallow
But finally the flowers too begin to slumber
And the watch’s hands stop ticking

丑の満ツ 月も無し
此処は妖せ 現にあらず
待宵 我が物顔 魔が候 死しても見れず黄泉桜
手を取り合った冥と天 醒めない秘密の永遠祭

ushi no mitsu tsuki mo nashi
koko ha ayakase utsutsu ni arazu
matsuyoi wa ga mono kao ma ga soro shishite mo mirezu yomi sakura
te wo toriatta mei to ten samenai himitsu no eiensai

It’s 2AM; the moon can’t be seen
This place is bewitching; it feels like I’m losing consciousness
That night I waited, my face became that of a demon’s
Dying without seeing the Underworld’s cherry blossoms
Taking each other’s hands, in between darkness and heaven
A secret festival we’ll never wake from

君と二人 どこまで行こう 淡い夢が消える前に
君と二人 現在と過去 結ぶ橋が架かるまでに
君と二人 明日を見よう この心が眠る前に
君と二人 蓮台野夜行 思い出して廻るこの旅

kimi to futari dokomade yukou awai yume ga kieru mae ni
kimi to futari genzai to kako musubu hashi ga kakaru made ni
kimi to futari asa hi no miyou kono kokoro ga nemuru mae ni
kimi to futari rendaino yakou omoidashite meguru kono tabi

You and I together, let’s see how far we can go
Before this faint dream disappears
You and I together, between the past and now
Until the bridge that links us crosses over
You and I together, let’s look towards tomorrow
Before this heart of mine falls asleep
You and I together, night walks through the graveyard
I remember going on this journey

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