Foreground Eclipse – Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming

Foreground Eclipse – Calm Eyes Fixed On Me, Screaming

EDIT: Tab updated 11/29/2014 – breakdown melody/harmony corrected, tab effects adjusted, blog post edited to reflect my current opinions

This. Is the epitome of controlled chaos. I’m not talking about chaotic music that is technically skilled, no. This song switches perfectly from standard-fare metalcore to balls-to-the-wall metalcore with such ease and skill. There is no way to improve this song; it is a perfect arrangement. The second half of the song is amazing, from the breakdown into harmonizing guitars, to the bridge with the chilling title drop, to the halftime breakdown to the crescendo as it all comes down with Teto screaming in the finale… I really only started paying attention to this song after this video was posted on NND a month ago, and I’m glad I did. Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight isn’t my favorite Foreground Eclipse album overall, but the best songs are way better than anything off of Wishes Hidden In the Foreground Noises. I could write a whole series of blog posts highlighting the arrangement choices made by the band… maybe some other time.

So I tabbed it out a few days ago; it’s a little more complex than it seems just from listening (watch those 1 measure 3/4 time signature changes!) but it’s nothing someone who hasn’t played a little guitar shouldn’t be able to play. Even I can play it (sloppily) so there’s that! I was very surprised to discover the guitar is only tuned to Drop D… make sure you read the lyrics for this one, too.

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