Foreground Eclipse – Obstruction! Color It All Out

Foreground Eclipse – Obstruction! Color It All Out

Lately I’ve been busy doing other things, like recording my own music/arrangements, or like, working
so I apologize: your free touhou/vocaloid tab provider and occasional lyric translator hasn’t been posting much lately.

As an apology I sat down and spent half an hour finishing this tab because it needed lead guitar in like, 2 parts. The lead guitar during the verse at 0:57~ is probably not correct but it’s probably close enough because you can’t even hear it anyway and this tab has been sitting on my computerforrliterallyyearsahhnnndd

Fun fact: This was the first Foreground Eclipse song that “stuck” for me. Their musical shift came at just the right time for me I guess because I don’t know if I would have appreciated Suzuori’s arrangements had I heard those first. Hooray for the brootz

Shouts to densh~u~to for uploading a guitar playthrough/tab which I downloaded and added a bunch of other instruments to many years ago, back in the before time…

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3 Responses to Foreground Eclipse – Obstruction! Color It All Out

  1. Nero says:


  2. Momiji says:

    I’m wondering, why don’t you take up commissions and link your download links with so that you can earn some revenue doing this? :3c

    • Veto says:

      I didn’t see this comment before, sorry about that.

      I guess why I don’t do that is because:

      1) I didn’t write the songs so I’d feel a little scummy making money off it
      2) I doubt the few people who would commission me for a tab would be willing to pay me what I think tabs of this quality are worth

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