Foreground Eclipse – Wishes Hidden In the Foreground Noises

My first fully tabbed album, and definitely an album I perceive as being “perfect.”

Foreground Eclipse’s official breakup will probably occur any day now; I’m expecting the last update to their webpage soon enough now that Winter Comiket 85 has ended. Or maybe they won’t update it at all, and that last post was it. I mean, teto already blogged about their final live; maybe that’s the end of it.

I guess I see it as kind of poetic or something, that I finished this “project” of mine at the time they’ll disband. Or maybe that’s why I decided to force my way through the last few songs, because I knew it was happening.

Either way, this album and this band meant a lot to me, so I hope more people learn about who they were, and what they did, and eventually we can all talk about how “they were better when Suzuori was still a member,” or how “no way man Siym can shred,” or “man you can really hear teto’s improvement over their discography” or “merami sang for a lot of circles but this was HER BAND” and stupid stuff like that that fans gush about. I came into liking them 2 years into their existence, but I’m glad I was able to watch them for their second half.

Without further ado, Wishes Hidden in the Foreground Noises.
For convenience’s sake, I’ve also linked to Kafka-fuura’s translations.
Go forth and learn, and maybe someday we’ll live to be in a Foreground Eclipse tribute band, or even see a reunion!

I’ve listed the tunings I tabbed them in for convenience, but this album may actually be entirely in Drop C#.

Intro [Drop D]
Vermillion Halo [Drop D] [Lyrics]
Oath of Allegiance [Drop D] [Lyrics]
I’m the Seeker (Maybe Each Your Word Calls For It) [Drop C#] [Lyrics]
Dancing With Happiness and Sadness [Drop D] [Lyrics]
In a Night When Her Sorrow Resounds Around [Drop C#] [Lyrics]
Truths, Ironies, the Secret Lyrics [Drop C#] [Lyrics]
Forget Me Not [Drop D] [Lyrics]

Liner Notes

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10 Responses to Foreground Eclipse – Wishes Hidden In the Foreground Noises

  1. wasdiop says:

    Whoo! Congrats on finishing, and great work. I’ll definitely be missing Foreground Eclipse too :(

    Also happy new year!

  2. Faiz Faults says:

    This is a pretty ambitious work – good job for pulling it man!

    I’ve tabbed a few songs off this album, and your tabs make much more sense than mine is hahaha. I’d like to pull off a full album guitar cover based on these tabs…

  3. Myschu says:

    Thank you for your tabs! I love your work, especially the tabs for Foreground Eclipse. Will you ever consider tabbing their last song? Storytellers instantly became my favorite song when I first heard it.

    • Veto says:

      I doubt I will tab anything that came after Tears Will Become Melodies Tonight because those songs aren’t as interesting to me. Most tabs I do come from a personal desire to play the song in question.
      The only exceptions to that might be Obstruction! Color It All Out (because I have a 90% finished tab from years ago that I never actually finished), どらぶ (also have a tab started), and You May Not Want to Hear This But (because that is the only song post-Suzuori that I really, really like and would consider wanting to know how to play).

      Sorry to disappoint you, but thank you for your support.

  4. Momiji says:

    Oh god I love you for these tabs man.
    Can I donate to you or something to show my support?

    Oh, and I’ve been dying to play Fall of Tears, Throve Keys and Storytellers. If you could tab them, I’ll be indebted to you.

    Thank you for all these accurate tabs man. Keep up the good work~

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