Register6 – まだ見ぬ明日へ [LYRICS]

I’m not doing romaji for this.

Song: まだ見ぬ明日へ
———> mada minu ashita he
———> Towards the Morning I Still Can’t See
Circle: Register6
Release: New Age Swager
Key: Original Lyrics; Translation

僕らは抗う 幸せな未来のため
(I’m secure happiness.)

We will fight for the future’s sake
We held out our hands

(How many time did I got fucked up?
Hate to do the same thing over and over……)

(Wither me hope with each repetition.)

But this infinitely stretching dead end
Is where all hopes and dreams go to be extinguished

僕らの信じた 未来は届かない場所で
何度も手を伸ばした 全ては幸せのため

We used to believe the future was somewhere we couldn’t reach
How many times did we hold out our hands?
All for the sake of our happiness
Reach for it…!

「またダメ」君はつぶやく 淀んだ瞳で
繰り返すのは負の連鎖 終わりの見えない道は
(It seems to be blocked by something. Nothing goes right.)

“It’s still no good,” you mutter; I can see in your stagnant eyes
Doing it over and over is just a cycle of negativity
We can’t see the end of this journey
It’s absurd

「今度は」と願う 暗闇が蝕んでいく
望んだ未来は 闇へと飲み込まれていく

“This time for sure,” I hope; the darkness will ruin us
Was the future we wished only to be swallowed by despair?

もう一度戦おう あなたと同じ舞台で
(Just give me another chance. Come on!)
次は必ず信じきる 幸せな未来はある

One more time, you and I fight on the same stage
Next time for sure, we believe: a happy future is there for us
For sure… this time for sure…

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