NSY ft. ランコ – Plaza Ashitaka Mondo [LYRICS]

This song is awesome. What an intro. What a groove.

I asked Ranko over twitter if she’d tell me the (what I assume are) English lyrics in the sick intro to this song. For now, I’ve put a temporary transcription in the lyrics. But they are probably incorrect.

EDIT: I was ignored/she didn’t see it; that’s the best I could do. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Song: Plaza Ashitaka Mondo
Artist: NSY ft. ランコ
———> NSY ft. Ranko
Circle: サリー
———> Sally
Release: バチ
———> Bachi
Key: Original Lyrics; Romaji; Translation

NOTES: 道連れ = michizure = “fellow traveler” but also, and this is the good part, “someone unwillingly made to take part.” Negative connotations.

置き去り = okizari = “desertion” or “leaving behind”

音色 = neiro = Color/tone quality, or timbre. So the line could be referring to the firework’s colors, or possibly, because this is a Pristine Beat arrange, the sounds they make as they go off.

さませ = 目をさませ is a phrase that I am almost positive means “to wake up” or “to open your eyes.” Which may be a weird conjugation of this word = 覚める = sameru.

振り向いた私は叩き手のない鼓 = lit. “Looking over my shoulder, I’m a hand drum with no hands to beat with.”

(Let go…)
There it comes, stop breaking down, listen up, give it to me
Let me down, looking out, stand alone, winds are whipping
There it comes, stop breaking down, listen up, give it to me
Let me down, let it go, lying to him

その目で見ておくれ 憂鬱な あの姿を
やっとこれで終わりね 道連れた慕情も

ukigumo no doreka ni ashita ga ite
sono me de miteokure yuuutsu na ano sugata wo
nozomanai mirai ga koko made kite
yatto kore de owari ne michizureta bojou mo

Which of these clouds will reach tomorrow?
In your eyes I can see melancholy; your body language, too
The future you didn’t wish for has already come this far
But finally, the end is here, eh? You, my fellow traveler, too, yearn


yasashii tsumeato ha rakuen no rou ni
okizari no mama

The gentle scratches etched into the prison of Paradise
Are the only remains I left behind

悲しくて もう辛いな 暗い音色の花火
サヨナラを言わせて 涙よ止まれ どうか

kanashikute mou tsurai na kurai neiro no hanabi
sayonara wo iwasete namida yo tomare douka

This sadness, and this pain, form the dark colors of these fireworks
Let me say “goodbye,” and stop these tears, please…

誤解した 僕たちはこんなにも弱いのに

gokaishita bokutachi ha konna ni mo yowai no ni
yorokobi to toiteta meguriaeta kiseki wo

It was a big misunderstanding, but now even if we’re this weak
With delight I’ll explain; it’s a miracle we can return together


samase kaminari

So open your eyes when you hear the thunder.

(Let go…)
There it comes, stop breaking down, listen up, give it to me
Let me down, looking out, stand alone, winds are whipping
There it comes, stop breaking down, listen up, give it to me
Let me down, let it go, lying to him


yakenohara mitai na aki ga sugite
fuyu wo koeta haru ni makka na hana no wakaba

Like a burnt field, autumn passes
Winter passes, too, as the bright red flowers of spring sprout fresh leaves


surikireta youki wo fusaideiru no ha nani
afuredeta omoi no todokekata wo oshiete

What is this thing occupying this worn out vessel?
Teach me how to transmit these overflowing feelings

楽しくて もう辛いな 二度ともう戻らない
知っていたはず でも気づいていないふりでいた

tanoshikute mou tsurai na nido to mou modoranai
shitteita hazu demo kizuiteinai furi de ita

This fun, and this pain… twice I haven’t turned back
I should’ve known, but I never noticed it in your appearance

眩しい いつまでも往き来している

mabushii itsumade mo ikiki shiteiru
osozaki no hi yo

It’s radiant; now and forever, we visit each other
On days when flowers are late to bloom

はぐれないように繋いだ手にも もう残らない

hagurenai you ni tsunaida te ni mo mou nokoranai
yobareteita koe sae togirete kikoenai yo

Even your hand I never let go of… there’s nothing left
Your voice calling out was all I needed
But you’ve stopped and I can’t hear it

くたびれた この路地を埋める黒の花火

kutabireta kono roji wo umeru kuro no hanabi
furimuita watashi ha tataki te no nai tsuzumi

I’m tired out; I cover this path with black fireworks
I look over my shoulder; a hand drum with no hands to drum it


sube mo nai nai
yume no kaminari

Now everything is nothing.
The thunder was just a dream.

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