NSY ft. ランコ – Plaza 4 visitors [LYRICS]

shuriken, you’re killing me. I don’t think I botched it too badly.

Song: Plaza 4 visitors
Artist: NSY ft. ランコ
Circle: サリー
———> Sally
Release: レス
———> Less
Key: Original Lyrics; Romaji; Translation

NOTES: これぞ = apparently, a synonym for “something/someone that could never be a fake” in front of you. In the context of the song, something incredible is happening, and it would be impossible to believe if it wasn’t happening right before the speaker’s eyes.

古屋敷 = ふるやしき = Look, I did my best for you, but I have no idea what shuriken is referring to here. It’s most likely referring to a location, but could also be referring to a person or company. I’ve left the name intact in my translation. If someone figures it out, feel free to tell me.

トゥルリラ = “TRUE REAL LOVE” = “The brand of a series for imouto-style AV actresses.” Like he says, take the usage here as irony, or sarcasm.

風前の灯 = ふうぜんのともしび (but sung as ふうぜんのひ) = “precarious situation; precarious state”

手屏風 = てびょうぶ = びょうぶ is a “folding screen,” so I imagine 手屏風 as the act of covering yourself with your arms/hands in an attempt to protect yourself.

庇いきれたら 君は何て言うのかしら = The subject and speaker of these lines is ambiguous.

意を汲んでくれ = 意 is read as いき, which I have interpreted as 意気. “Their lifeforce was given to me to drink” was how I pictured this line.

丑三つ時 = Midnight, “the witching hour.”


kore zo shinario
yomitoku koto ha dekiru

This scenario…
Do you understand its significance?

蔦の根が 古屋敷を覆う

sekai ni ha mada kibou ga arutte
doushite mo misete yaritakute
tsuta no ne ga furuyashiki wo oou
sore ha kitto tadashii koto darou

I say that I have aspirations for this world
And no matter what, I want to show them to you
The roots of the ivy cover Furuyashiki
But that’s surely how it’s supposed to be, right?

トゥルリラ 悲しい景色
無限の足跡 木漏れ日の歌

tururira kanashii keshiki
mugen no ashiato komorebi no uta

“True, real love?” It’s more of a sad scene
An infinite trail of footprints;
a song for the sunlight filtering through the trees

風前の灯を 手屏風だけでもし

fuuzen no hi wo te byoubu dake demo shi
kimi ha nante iu no kashira

We’re in serious trouble with nothing more to defend ourselves
“If I were to stop protecting you…?”
What are you trying to say, I wonder


kore zo shinario
yomitoku koto ha dekiru

This scenario…
Do you understand its significance?

まだ先は長いぜ 暗いし

kinki datte sore dake ja wakannai
arakajimeyoui sareta dake
mada saki ha nagai ze kurai shi
mawari ni mo warui uso darake

“It’s taboo,” they say? I’m not so sure about that
I’ve taken care of everything in advance
Still, the road ahead is long, huh? Dark, too…
Saying “just to the perimeter;” that was a horrible lie

トゥルリラ 夕陽に似てた
くたびれたミラーボール どこで拾うた

tururira yuuhi ni niteta
kutabireta miraabooru doko de hirouta

“True, real love?” It looked more like the setting sun
An exhausted mirror-ball we found somewhere

いつの時代も 出来あがる地図を
耄碌した目に 映したならお気の毒

itsu no jidai mo dekiagaru chizu wo
mouroku shita me ni utsushita nara oki no doku

No matter what time period, a map can be drawn
Projected in these senile eyes, pitifully


ten ha iwaku issai no jikkouhan wo unmei to ie
sonzaikan no nai mono no iki wo kundekure
ten ha iwaku issai no jikkouhan wo unmei to ie
shougen dai no chuuou ni kubomi wo tsukete

“Throughout history, Heaven would claim the perpetrator is fate;
The spirits of those with no presence were offered as drink.
Throughout history, Heaven would claim the perpetrator is fate;
At the center of the table made for evidence, only a hollowed cavity.”

丑三つ時の 夢枕にまで
四季折々の 星空を連れておいで

ushimitsudoki no yumemakura ni made
shikioriori no hoshizora wo tsureteoide

Until the witching hour at the bedside where I dream
From season to season, I will lead you to the starry skies

徒然なれよ 夕月夜の末裔
背負う十字の さみしさも連れておいで

tsuredzure nare yo yuudzukiyo no matsuie
seou juuji no samishisa mo tsureteoide

It’s become a tedium; the descendants of moonlit evenings
I will lead away the loneliness of being burdened with that cross


kore zo shinario
masaka to iki wo nomu

This scenario…
I gasped, “No way…”

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