NSY ft. IZNA – スーン [LYRICS]

So chill. I think IZNA by this point has become a pretty skilled singer: you can compare this song to her performances on “Sally” and really hear the difference. Well, if you sing seriously for 3 years there’s bound to be a difference…

Song: スーン
———> Soon
Artist: NSY ft. IZNA
Circle: サリー
———> Sally
Release: レス
———> Less
Key: Original Lyrics; Romaji; Translation

NOTES: 認める = “1. to recognize; to recognise; to appreciate; 2. to observe; to notice; 3. to admit; to approve.” I’ve taken the general ideas and translated the instances of this word in this song as “accepting,” as in, “being able to accept and understand.”

許容 = きょよう = “permission; pardon.” Not exactly “forgive,” but…

君の全てを愛せたら = not only “if I were to love…” but also “if I’m able to love…” -たら isn’t really a “question” but more of a condition, but I went ahead and translated it as a question anyway because it feels better to me. It’s liberal. The same goes for the similar line in the second chorus, 私の全てを許せたら.

離別 = りべつ = “separation; divorce”


kinou to kore kara no jibun
dokomade mitomerareru no ka
jidai ni ikiteru kokochi ha
surete usumatte

The “me” of yesterday, and the “me” from now on
When, and to what extent will I be able to accept myself?
While I continue to live, it’ll be
As soon as I become worn and weak


kinou to kore kara no kimi wo
dokomade kyoyou dekiru no ka
itsuka yogoshita keihaku ga
omoku furikakaru

The “you” of yesterday, and the “you” from now on
When, and to what extent will I be able to pardon you?
Someday, the weight of that disgraceful frivolousness
Will surely befall you


sono serifu katsute mo
nandodemo onaji
kotae wo maneite

It’s inexcusable
Those remarks from before
No matter how many times, it’s always the same
You’ve brought this upon yourself

もう 偽り等はやめて

mou itsuwari nado ha yamete
kimi no hontou wo oshiete
na mo shiranu kaze ha utau
kimi no subete wo aisetara

Just stop with all these lies already
And show me your true self
A wind whose name I don’t know sings out:
Am I able to love everything about you?


onore ni henka wo nozomeba
ribetsu ha sakerarenu to iu
tagai no inochi no omomi ga
kore wo tsunagu no ka

If you wish to change me
Then you can’t separate yourself from me
The mutual importance of our lives…
They’re tied together, aren’t they?

やけに見晴らしが いい

darenimo aisarenu mama ni
kore made ayundekita no ka
futo furikaereba ushiro ha
yake ni miharashi ga ii

No one else can love me like this
I’ve come this far on foot, haven’t I?
Suddenly looking over my shoulder behind me
This prospect of abandonment is fine

要らないもの等 とうに失くしていた

iranai mono nado tou ni nakushiteita

All these things I don’t need
I’ve thrown them all away

もう 優しさも憎しみも
癒えない この胸の痛みも

mou yasashisa mo nikushimi mo
ienai kono mune no itami mo
na mo shiranu kaze ni nosete
watashi no subete wo yurusetara

Never again; that kindness and that hatred
Can’t be restored; nor this grief in my chest
A wind whose name I don’t know sends a message
Can you forgive everything about me?

何時何時迄 続くの?

itsu itsumade tsudzuku no
hayaku jibun wo mitometai

When? How long will I continue for?
I want to accept myself as soon as possible

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