NSY ft. IZNA – 新規テキストドキュメント [LYRICS]

This song is probably why I thought so highly of Sadomasochism at one point. All of the songs are good, and then there’s this song (and Loop) and BAM suddenly I thought this was サリー’s best album. It’s still really good, though.

There are a lot more Photoshop metaphors here than for word processors, so the choice of calling the song “New Text Document” must be some kind of satire, haha. Beyond that, I can’t really grasp any deeper meaning in the song…

Song: 新規テキストドキュメント
———> Shinki Text Document
———> New Text Document
Artist: NSY ft. IZNA
Circle: サリー
———> Sally
Release: サドマゾヒズム
———> Sadomasochism
Key: Original Lyrics; Romaji; Translation

NOTES: さぁ手の鳴る方へ = There’s a lot of clapping samples in this song.

何度でも変幻自在 = lit. “Any number of times I can change my appearance.” Another useful word is “Phantasmagoria,” whose second definition “Fantastic imagery as represented in art” paints a pretty vivid description of the abilities of the singer.

憤ってる = むずかる is “to fret,” so I’ve translated the line to “shaking.”

鬼さん さぁ手の鳴る方へ

hitori mi ni shimiteru
kore ga tousaisareta honnou
choudo koro mihakaratte
onisan saa te no naru hou he

When it penetrated my body
This came equip with instinctual commands
At precisely the right time, I choose for myself
Now, Demon, show me where those hands resound

湧き上がる白い彷彿 鈍る感度
何度でも変幻自在 どうぞお好みで

wakiagaru shiroi houfutsu niburu kando
nando demo hengenjizai douzo okonomi de

Seething from a vivid white reminder of the past, my senses dull
I can change my appearance as many times as necessary
By all means, choose your preference


anata to muzukatteru atashi ga
kono mama ja shinkuro shite
kaerenai kiseijijitsu nakushite
uso nante shosen anata ga egaku tsujitsuma
pikuseru no daishuugoutai

Though I can’t stop shaking, you and I
At this point will synchronize
There’s no way back; it’s a done deal
After all, you’ve painted your lies so consistently
A large assembly of pixels

鬼さん ほらこっちへ御出で

chotto seisa gimi mitai
umaku masuku wo ashiratte
tsudoe ura wakaki mi ni
onisan hora kocchi he oide

Wait a minute, I want to take a closer look
At this skillfully arranged mask
Behind the scenes we meet and find a young body
Look, Demon, it’s coming from here


hodokenai shibariageta tekubi ni
karamatta jaaku na ito
nagameteita surigarasu no mukou ni
omoidasu anata ga kureta yuitsu no serifu
mochiawaseteru hazu datta

These restraints on my wrists can’t be loosened
Placed by your wicked intentions
I turned to face the frosted glass
And remember when you gave the only speech
You could’ve had


mou kore ijou
hontou ka uso kamo wakaranai mama
tamesareru yoku fukakiaijou
uzumaku zouo

This is already more than
Truths and lies, but I still don’t understand even that
Testing my cravings for your affections
In this swirling hatred


ato nando kasanatteku reiyaa
atarashiku kurikaesu no

How many layers will you accumulate?
Don’t you want to start over anew?


kaesanai kiseijijitsu nakushite
ai nante shosen atashi ga egaku maboroshi
pikuseru no daishuugoutai

I can’t send you back; it’s a done deal
After all, these illusions of love were painted by me
From a large assembly of pixels

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